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In today’s article we will go through what happend during last week at T2Xtoken.io. Why is T2X one of the hottest Staking DApps on the TRON blockchain? How were the dividends and what happend with Xswap? We have all the answers and much more in this week’s recap.

T2X is one of the hottest Staking DApps on the TRON blockchain. Please check out our previous articles for more information about the project:


It was a really really strong week for the dividends at T2Xtoken.io. The lowest dividends payout was on Day 65 with 1.75Mln TRX and the highest one was Day 70(yesterday) with over 3.2Mln TRX. The community and users of T2X just kept on showing their love for the project and filling their pockets with more T2X tokens during the daily auction lobbies.

There are still ~6h until today’s auction ends and the pool is already over 1.6Mln. A daily dividends pool of around 2Mln TRX has become a standard for the T2X community after more than two months of operating.



  • Current Exchange Rate: 1TRX = 2.57T2X
  • Investment 1000 TRX * 2.57 = 2570 T2X
  • Dividends — 2570 T2X generate ~23TRX + 2.6 T2X per day
  • ROI Duration: 1000 / 23 = 43.47 Days
  • ROI: 2.3 % per day

Why is T2X one of the hottest Staking DApps on the TRON blockchain?

The answer is simple — because the tokenomics are made to last years! The growing daily dividends and user-base are clear signs of how big T2X will soon be -not that it already isn’t! The team has proven that they are here to stay and make their brands name known on the whole TRON blockchain and who knows what they will bring out next. Oh wait we already know that — keyword V2X. You can find out more about it here:

V2X is currently delayed to launch in around 1–3 weeks! More Info soon!


What happend with Xswap?

Nowadays cyber attacks have become the new normal when developing successful DApps on the blockchain. Due to the transparency that the blockchain technology provides — dishonest people like hackers are always trying to find a backdoor and steal peoples funds.

That is also the sad news we got this week — Xswap was hacked and the attacker managed to get around 9Mln T2X and a lot of TRX from the liquidity pools. At this point we really want to commend on how the developers of T2X managed this critical situation!

They provided full transparency about what happend:

Furthermore they pledged to restore all the lost funds from their pockets and send an action plan to inform the community on what’s going to happen:

Just an update so no one is left wondering …. The go forward plan will be
The team is working on pulling full list of LP users that had TRX in contract. The team will reimburse those users who lost TRX during this issue. There is no set time line on this we will do this as fast as we can. Users can most likely expect to START seeing refunds issued at some point this weekend.

Exploit in XSWAP code has been fixed. Team is working to get code audited at this time.

Once audited and completely secure, team will launch a new version of XSwap with same LP mechanics and continue the buy back and burn

Users that have T2X tokens stuck in the old XSWAP can continue to receive those tokens back through the daily 3% drip, however users are unable to pull liquidity at this time. Team is also discussion options here.

T2X Dev-Team

Very well done T2X!!! That is the way to handle a critical situation like that. If you are asking yourself on how the community reacted to that — well just take a look at the dividends in the last couple of days — they are just getting BIGGER by the day. That is how much the community supports this project and believes in it!


It was a week full of events at T2X — some positive and some negative. But at the end T2Xtoken.io just came out stronger than ever out of the hard times. The platform is growing daily and all of the tens of thousands of users can vouch for the greatness of it! The developers and the team of T2X showed they are well equipped to handle any kind of situation and we can’t wait to see what the future will bring for T2X. One thing is certain — the more T2X tokens you have — the brighter the future will be!

Thanks for checking out our article and make sure to leave us a comment about what you think about T2X! We promise to keep you updated about everything that happens over there. As always remember to always do your own research before investing anywhere.


Official Website: https://t2xtoken.io/
Official Telegram: https://t.me/T2Xtoken
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/T2XToken
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/YMpcptT
Whitepaper: https://t2xtoken.io/litepaper.pdf

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