EcoSmartECS — An Overview

More and more new DApps get released every week, but those who survive the first three months are the ones to watch. One of those is EcoSmart. In this Overview we will cover the progress of ECS in the past three months and why it is not to late to invest in it.

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Communty: TWB58Ct9ktpbkt46g9oyzae3VFnATSXLr9

How can I join EcoSmartECS and start earning?

There are multiple possibilities to earn $$ with ECS:

By investing/buying their token — ECS:

  • By referring your friends/people: ECS offers a fairly big commission for every person that joins under your referral link.
  • Earning weekly passive income: Every holder of ECS gets weekly dividends straight to his TRON(TRX) wallet. Furthermore every additional project from the Roadmap will also generate income for all the token holders.

How much has already been invested in ECS?

Project Roadmap:

What’s coming next to ECS?

EcoTank Game Preview @ ECS GameCenter


Since this started as an MLM Project not much trust was put into the succession of this project, but with every day ECS delivers as promised, always pays dividends on time and proves that with time it could become one of the biggest projects on the TRON(TRX) blockchain.

Since only 2 out of 6 projects has launched so far it is certainly not late to invest and start earning passive income. With the minimum investment of 5000 TRX it is definitely worth a try. Join now!

Originally published at on July 20, 2020.

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