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Today we will introduce you to DappStats.com — an analytic website that provides all kind of stats about DApps on multiple blockchains. Why is DappStats different than most analytic websites? What is the concept behind it? How long has DappStats been around and why is it headed to become one of the leaders in the DApp analytic space? We have all the answers to those questions and much more in today’s article, so let’s dig into it, shall we?

Why is DappStats different than other analytic platforms?

The answer to that question is simple — DappStats is the first platform that offers a token, revenue sharing and puts the focus on its community. What does that mean? It means that you will not only be able to find all the necessary data a user looks for in DApps, but also have the opportunity to become DST-Token holder and share DappStats’s revenue in the form of Tron, Ethereum and other blockchain coins. Thus providing a sustainable dividend system for DST-Token holders and on the other side a great opportunity for DApp developers to promote their DApps and platforms.

What is the concept behind DappStats?

Every new platform will say that they offer a sustainable economic system, but sadly most never do. So why is DappStats and it’s concept sustainable? One thing is for sure more and more people are discovering the potential of the blockchain technology, the number of new DApps is also growing. Combine those and you have the two main ingredients of why DappStats really does offer a sustainable system.

DappStats users will have the ability to discover all the necessary information they need about thousands of DApps. Furthermore they will be able to buy DST Tokens from the platform. When staked/frozen, those DST tokens will generate daily dividends. At this point you might be wondering where those dividends will be coming from.

That’s the second side of DappStats — DApp developers will have the ability to promote their platforms to real crypto users and the revenue, that DappStats generates through advertising will be pooled and shared with all DST token holders and that’s not even the best part.

Keyword “Referral Links” — yes if you are already into crypto you certainly have heard about referral links or even have some of your own. The concept is simple — invite a friend with your referral link and you will share a percentage of the amount they invest/wager/win on the platform. Now imagine hundreds of thousands of crypto users signing up with one of DappStats’s referral links. All the referral revenue from those links is again shared with DST token holders.

How long has DappStats been around and why is it headed to become a leader in the DApp analytic space?

DappStats was born 1 year ago in September 2019. On release it had TRON and Ethereum blockchain DApps, now one year later IOST has also been integrated and more will be added soon. We have prepared a list of what has happend in the past 12 months at DappStats:

  • DappStats Beta Launch — September 2019
  • Integration of a Dividend System — September 2019
  • DappStats Official Launch — October 2019
  • First DappStats Telegram Event for Halloween with over 30+ Projects Sponsored and 200k TRX worth of prizes — November 2019
  • DappStats Telegram Christmas Event — Dezember 2019
  • DappStats Widgets release — Q1 2020
  • DST VIP Telegram Group was created — Q1 2020
  • IOST Blockchain was integrated — Q2 2020

DappStats has already made it’s name known in the crypto space. The platform is attracting more and more daily users and DApp developers with its brilliant and sustainable revenue sharing system. There is no doubt that with time it will become Nr. 1 DApp Analytic Website.

DST Tokenomics


If you love DApp’s and want to get reliable stats, then DappStats.com is the place to go to. You will find hundreds of DApps and their stats on multiple blockchains there and furthermore can also buy some precious DST tokens while at it to start sharing the platforms revenue. We can definitely recommend you to check it out.

Thanks for checking out our article and remember to always do your own research before investing anywhere. It would mean a lot if you could leave us a comment with what you think about DappStats.com.

Useful Links

Official Website: https://www.dappstats.com/
Official Telegram: https://t.me/DappStats
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/DappStats
Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/dappstats
Whitepaper: https://www.dappstats.com/storage/pdf/whitepaper.pdf

Originally published at http://www.tronlist.com on October 5, 2020.




Developed by CryptoChilly — Writer, IT Technician, Web Developer and Crypto Investor.

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Developed by CryptoChilly — Writer, IT Technician, Web Developer and Crypto Investor.

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